Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brad Pitt Attacked By SWAT

Pitt attacked SWAT
In a strange twist of events, the whole movie, where Brad Pitt has worked with Oscar-nominated director Marc Forster attacked by the Hungarian police and a SWAT team. The film, "World War Z" is the film adaptation of Max Brooks book. It turns out that the weapons were sent to the series and stored in a warehouse nearby - and should be non-functional copies - were actually firearms. Despite the appearance and SWAT teams may have seemed like a day on the set, no doubt.

According to the American weekly report, an attack on a ship in Budapest as a result, taking 85 anti-terrorist forces of firearms. Firearms were the weapons in a military-grade automatic transmission, and indeed in order. Hungary, said the head unit to combat terrorism in the declaration: "This morning, a private plane brought guns wrapped in a piece of the company of the person [Budapest] Weapons such as these are highly illegal traffic, even if they were to be used as weapons of scene, no one hopes.. "

I hope not. A source tells U.S. Weekly Plan B Entertainment, the production company owned by Pitt, was not to blame for the misfortune, saying: ". Employees of the film company must have made a mistake the bearing of arms without the authorization of the fight against terrorism" The film scheduled for release in December 2012, and no word if the delay of the last adventure this time.

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