Saturday, November 19, 2011

Strengthen The Nails

nails tips
Way to possible strengthen brittle nails and nails with proper nail care and a balanced diet. The nutrients that are considered very important for healthy nails, protein, biotin, calcium and sulfur. Therefore, eat more protein and foods rich in sulfur and calcium can help you grow healthy nails. Along with a balanced diet, also consider the following tips on how to strengthen your nails.

* Exposure to over can dry the nails and cause them to break easily. Activities such as cleaning dishes and clothes can also expose your nails to chemicals, which can weaken the nails. Therefore, if you are wondering, "How do strengthen nails, then first protect the nails from exposure to water and chemicals, glove use in carrying out these activities.
* Nail strengthener or hardener can also be used to promote the health of your fingers and toenails. Ideally, use a nail strengthener once a week. Can also be used as a base coat before applying nail polish.
* Do not bite your nails and stop abusing your nails, that is, used to pick up things or removing stickers. All these activities can weaken nails and make them easily prone to breakage.
* Try to keep the nails trimmed at regular intervals. Have a little short, but not too low on the sides. This can help them look clean and prevent breakage.
* You can cut your nails after a bath or shower, when they are softer and therefore, can be cut easily. After trimming, the shape of the nails with an emery board, and the use of the fine for filing fingernails.
* One of the best ways to strengthen your nails is to hydrate, and petroleum jelly is one of the most effective to do so. Petroleum jelly can be used several times a day to hydrate nails and surrounding skin. You can also apply petroleum jelly on your nails and cover your hands with gloves before going to bed.
* Olive oil is another home remedy for nail strengthening. Apply a little olive oil on your nails with a brush, and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes after applying a moisturizer to hands and nails.
* A mixture of honey and lemon juice is also good for the treatment of brittle nails. Just use this mixture to massage nails to strengthen them.
* Avoid frequent use of polish remover. Whenever you use nail polish remover, use a product that does not contain acetone. A dancer with added moisturizer that can help strengthen your nails.
* To paint your nails, use a product that contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde can weaken nails and make them prone to breakage. Similarly, chemicals such as toluene and sulfonamides should also be avoided.

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